Having trained as a textile designer I feel this greatly influences my work, with a love of clean colour and pattern. To create my work I use acrylic, dye, and pastels. I use dye for its strong vivid fluid colour and then use the other media to add solidity to the objects and add depth.  Some of the fluid dye areas will be left, as they are especially effective for creating reflective objects or water effects to contrast with the solid areas. I am consistently looking for, and considering, possible subject matter and will take many photographs whilst I am out and about to use within my studio.  I also collect objects to create still life observations and I especially like tins and keys, which feature quite frequently. The still life arrangements are created within my studio and I will also photograph them, especially if they have flowers, fruit or vegetables, so that I can refer back to their original colours and textures if they do not last.  I have had my work processes featured in ‘The Artist’ magazine, a member of Peak District Artisans and have work held in public and private collections.

I have been first prize winner in North West Open, Commended in Laing Landscape Prize and work is held in private and gallery collections.

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